Westport, Custom house studios
Westport, Custom house studios


Artist in Residence at Custom house studios, Westport, Ireland– This artist residency offered by Land Niederösterreich AIR was an amazing opportunity allowing me to enter the world of printmaking again, the field I actually studied at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna. It felt truly fantastic to come back to it and made we aware of artistic possibilities I had not thought about before. The 17 printed editions– consisting of linocuts, aquatints and etchings– I produced during my one month stay, approach the topic of transformation, identity and observation. 

Artcare Auction

"Andere Jahre" is part of an artcare auction. Click on the image to find out more. 

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"Milch und Honig" is coming up! Click on the image to find out more. 


"Highlights" coming up at Bildraum! Click on the image to find out more.