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Dog at Westport Lake, Linocut 

Brunn, Blick ins Wohnzimmer, Etching

Driving around in Ireland / on the road, Aquatint

Schwestern, Etching

Untitled, Etching

Dissolution, Etching

Early Morning Still-life, Linocut

Artist talk, Linocut

boat trip, Aquatint

Self portrait, linocut

Boat at the Quay, Linocut

Wanderer, Linocut

Bread delivery, Linocut

Kilkenny streets, Linocut

Boat at the Quay, Variation, Linocut

Dinner in Cork, Aquatint

Reflections, Linocut

Boat at the Quay, Westport

Café, Aquatint

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