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I hardly overthink my sketches. It may be the nature of a sketch to be free. But then again, it is hard to say, at which point art stops being free. There is, however, a difference between my sketches and my drawings. Most of the pieces of work I consider as drawings have a concept or story behind them, my sketches do not. In that sense, they may be more naive and direct. They have more room to breath freely and develop their own ways, which I do not always understand myself. Nevertheless, I often catch myself falling into routines, the sketches become conceptual aswell, they become series, each attached to the other by making use of similar drawn forms. It is, in that sense, a challenge, not to lose curiosity and energy and enter this circle of repetions.

In any case, the translation of observation into sketches is fascinating and can be quite intense. Reaching the point, where a sketch gets authentic and resembles your true impression of something or someone is difficult. In my case, it never goes without many failed attempts. Trying to understand your motif, you touch it with your eyes, you consider how every detail you want to capture might feel or sound. How is it possible to define sound, using only lines and simple paper? Lines, thick or thin or shaky or strong, can communicate something themselves. They may trigger emotions in the viewer.

If a sketch is supposed to be alive, it requires empathy to realise it. In my regard, trying to understand, how whatever detail of your drawings feels and what kind of aura it communicates is essential. If there is someone an artists wants to capture running, for example, it is helpful to consider the feelings and emotions he might have, his fears and thoughts and his reasons. The heaviness of his clothes, the concrete beneath his feet, the ellbows of people he pushes aside.....

All of these thoughts trying to understand what is moving (or not moving) in front of one’s eyes and why, contribute to building a bridge between what grows on one’s paper and what is actually there. A sketch, however, does not go much further, unless it seeks to become an illustration. It is no judgement, it stays a try to understand or express something, so there is often a lot one does not yet understand, in it. For me, it is an approach, an almost scientific process of exploring.

A fragment.

drawing Astrid Rothaug
drawing Astrd Rothaug
London Underground, London, ink on paper, 2018
praia, Lissabon, ink on paper, 2018
Pequeno Campo, Lissabon, ink on paper, 2018
skizzenbuch seite 2.jpg
4 copy.jpg
Küche, Berlin, ink on paper, 2018,