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commissioned animations for an application


The Aquatic Museum App features the multilayered album track “Souvenir Shop (Download the App)” that will transport you into an intricate and imaginative aquatic world hand-drawn by Astrid Rothaug. Take a journey through various museum chambers as you're guided by visual and musical cues, courtesy of the original Aquatic Museum Band, the Mechelen-based Q Some Big Band, and Valencia-based flamenco percussionist Sergio Martínez (ES).


Color means interaction! Not only does The Aquatic Museum App make you discover a new way to interact with music but it also serves as a hub for project information, including the release of different singles and official album launch. The app is part of a family of exciting educational apps, including "Percussion Tutor" and "FlamencoTutor" featuring Grammy Award winner Niño de Los Reyes

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