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The film is about a girl growing up in 2050, in a world where access to wild nature has turned into a luxury product for a privileged society. The main character develops a depression due to this and is suggested treatment in the last intact woods of Europe. 

animation: Astrid Rothaug

script: Astrid Rothaug

original score: Angel Vassilev

sound design: Ken Rischard

re-recording mixer: Rudolf Pototschnig

voice acting: Stefanie Früholz, Martin Krahbichler, Sebastian Holzer, Elina Christof, Markus Lindenhofer, Ken Rischard, Astrid Rothaug

supported by

Bundesministerium Kunst und Kultur and Land Niederösterreich

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I am happy to be part of a theatre production for the first time! KARDIA is a project about the human heart, interpreted by three different fields of arts: music, performing arts and visual arts. As a visual artist, I will draw live with my drawings being projected onto a white canvas. These projections interact with the actresses and seek to depict the voice of the heart. 

with Lara Katharina Bumbacher, Stefanie Früholz, Josef Rabitsch and Sarah Milena Rendel

premiere: 4.9.2022 at Brick-15

supported by Land Niederösterreich, Land Tirol and Innsbruck


MILCH und HONIG Festival 2023

artistic direction, animated projection and exhibition

with Franka Rothaug, Christoph Zimper and Radio String Quartet

save the date: 28.4.2023

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